At present all our citric (oranges, lemons, mandarines,limes, grapefruits…) and the rest of fruits we crop ( kaki, grenades..) are ORGANIC. Our crops follow the regulations on organic production and are certified by the private entity CAAE.

We are the only producers capable of offering the S3 oranges partly because we have invented the term. It is not difficult to be the unique in something you have invented yourself, the difficult side is to actually meet the standards you are advertising, this is our daily challenge.

S3 Oranges=Healthy/Salutary x Savory x Sustainable (Original definition in spanish= Saludables x Sabrosas x Sostenibles)


The organic oranges of Biovalle del Guadalquivir are healthy because no synthetic chemicals are used either or during growth, harvesting, packaging, transport or distribution and because they are harvested at optimum ripeness.


The organic oranges of Biovalle del Guadalquivir are savory because they are cropped to the rhythm of nature. We wait for the appropriate moment for them to be cropped and thus obtain a balanced composition of sugars, minerals and vitamins that award them their unique savory flavor.


The organic oranges of Biovalle del Guadalquivir are sustainable because we continuously improve the relationship with the environment so that these lands remain as productive in the future as they are today and as they were when our grandfather began to crop them 60 years ago. We also manage the farm with socioeconomic and cultural issues in mind.