biovalle del guadalquivir palma del Río (Córdoba)


We are at Palma del Rio (Cordoba). The land we crop is in the municipal area of Palma del Rio and Hornachuelos, both in the Cordobes valley of el Guadalquivir.

Our orangries find themselves within the climatic boundary of the citric cropping area in Andalucia, and it is these special climatic conditions that give rise to fruits with special properties.

Although some years the low temperatures in winter cause frost this also makes (when the oranges don ́t freeze) for an exceptional fruit ripening, its specially intense color and flavor, scent, texture and cargo of minerals and vitamins. This thermal contrast produces delicious, healthy and nutritive fruits wrapped in an appealing orange coat.

The greater the intensity in color of the oranges the greater the amount of antioxidant carotenes, therefore the cold is our ally. If you are going to eat oranges, why not take the opportunity to try our organic oranges full of healthy properties?