Currently César Salamanca Ocaña is in charge of the farm and its crops, he only outsources when there is extra workload and during rush of the harvest. Juan C.(the brother of Cesar) collaborates from the time the farm changed to organic production, he studied Biology and later obtained the Diploma in Advanced Studies (DEA) in Ecology.

Currently he also has a master in Organic Farming. View CV. (in spanish)

Both are evaluating different possibilities for cooperation and joint work. We believe that family group organic farming is a future opportunity for us, this land and the local varieties of traditional farming, as is happening with the organically grown Cadenera orange.

We acknowledge that to make our project viable one of the most important issues is obtaining a fair price for us and for the consumer. And this includes among other issues, the direct sale of organic oranges that we produce, to ensure this we have positioned ourselves with BIOVALLE and its webpage and we will have more news you shall soon discover.