BioValle del Guadalquivir


In Biovalle we dedicate ourselves to growing organic oranges and other organic citrus fruits. Our crops are located in Palma del Río and Hornachuelos, in the province of Cordoba in the area of el Valle del Guadalquivir , next to the great Andalucian river (Guadalquivir) and very close to the Genil River.

Our grandfather began working these lands more than sixty years ago and we decided to convert the production to grow organic oranges. Currently we have four different varieties of oranges, grown under organic production methods that can be savored as orange juice or table oranges: Navelina,Washington Navel, Salustiana and Cadenera.

This last variety is an orange crop of traditional growth in the region, of genuine and unique flavor, that is in danger of disappearing. You can now buy, along with the other varieties from our organic crops at our online shop.

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Caja de Salustianas de 15 Kg. Naranjas de Zumo Sanas, Sabrosas y Sostenibles. Transporte incluido en el precio

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Caja de Navelinas de 7,5 Kg. Naranjas de Mesa Sanas, Sabrosas y Sostenibles. Transporte incluido en el precio
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